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How to Use SuperPro Designer v.6.0

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How to Use SuperPro Designer v.6.0

How to Use SuperPro Designer v.6.0 With a Simulation For Making Lemonade Nichole Au JQ Garner Imhotep Jackson Eric Mortin December 6, 2007 Overview Introduction to SuperPro Description Computer Requirements Getting Started How To Use SuperPro Placing Equipment Connecting Equipment with Streams ...

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Design process - University of Minnesota

Computer Assisted Process Design---HYSYS Bo Hu Introduction HYSYS is only one process simulation program out of a number. Steady State Processes ASPEN Plus, HYSYS.Plant, CHEMCAD, PRO/II, Batch Processes BATCH PLUS, SUPERPRO DESIGNER Computer codes : Algorithms written in FORTRAN or C. Purpose ...

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Hepatitis C Protease Inhibitor - University of Oklahoma

Superpro Designer Modeling. Super Pro - Flow Chart. Super Pro - Flow Chart. Gantt Chart – Processing Schedule (Synthesis of Boceprevir) Key notes: There are many different steps to the synthesis of SCH 503034.

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Objectives of simulation Commercial process simulators SuperPro Designer (SPD) Available tools Steps in the development of a bioprocess Goal of every process development: product Product- should have a market, potential market, ...

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Conceptual Production Plant Design - Chulabhorn Research ...

Angsana New Arial Default Design SuperPro Designer Flowsheet Conceptual Production Plant Design Presentation Outline 3 ways selection for PP design Preparation before design Design Procedure Thermodynamics Thermodynamics (continue) ...

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Hava Kirliliği Kontrol Teknolojileri - GYTE

Design By Software EnviroPro – SuperPro Designer by Intelligent Inc. EnviroPro Designer is an environmental process simulator designed to enhance the productivity of engineers and scientists engaged in the design, ...

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1. Conceptual Design of the Plant - Chulabhorn Research Institute

SuperPro Designer Program Version 3.05 Limitation and Assumption - lack of thermodynamic data - over-engineering - 90 % conversion of all reaction - no recycle and waste minimization - my stupid knowledge in synthesis chemistry Composed of 9 main reactions, and 8 ...

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Rafael Hernandez, Mississippi State University - Southeast ...

... MS Default Design Eclipse Dark circuitry design template Adobe Photoshop Image Microsoft Excel Worksheet SuperPro Designer Flowsheet Slide 1 Statistics on Soy Biodiesel Production and Feedstock Availability Slide 3 Slide 4 State of the Science Slide 6 Environmentally Sustainable Fuel ...

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... and Re-concentration in repetitive steps Feed tank recycle Diafiltration in SuperPro In the current version of SuperPro Designer, batch ... 1 Slide 16 PURIFICATION SECTION 1 Process Flowsheeting for Purification Section 1 Slide 19 Diafiltration in SuperPro PRODUCT ...

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MSU Fuel Production from Wastewater

... Roman Arial Black Tahoma Wingdings Arial Serifa BT Default Design Microsoft Excel Chart Adobe Photoshop Image SuperPro Designer Flowsheet Microsoft Office Excel Chart Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 Sludge Extractions (Sludge from ...

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Download - - PBF

0.182470E-05 SuperPro Designer® A Computing Environment for Designing and Optimizing Integrated Specialty Chemicals, Biochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Packaging,Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment and Air Pollution Control Processes INTELLIGEN, INC.

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Design of a Well-Mix Reactor to convert an Insulin-Precursor ...

... = 1.013 Bare Module Cost = $152 067 Cost Analysis SuperPro Designer Purchase Cost = $100 578 Unit Cost = $101 000 Operating Hours = 120 hours/year Power = 4.9 kW Annual = 11703 kWh Cost of Power = $1000/year at 10 cents/kWh Process Alternatives Enzymatic decomposition of proinsulin by ...

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M9_Part2_Tier1_2_3.ppt - École Polytechnique de Montréal

... MATLAB homepage Fortran and C++ (programming languages) Aspen AspenTech HYSYS HYSYS WinGEMS WinGEMS SuperPro Designer SuperPro Designer IDEAS (Simons) ...

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Diapositiva 1 - Gogle

Arial Tahoma Times New Roman Wingdings Reflejos Imagen de mapa de bits SuperPro Designer Flowsheet INDUSTRIA DE LOS PROCESOS QUIMICOS INORGANICOS REACTOR CONTINUO ESTEQUIOMETRICO DE FERMENTACION REACTOR Estequiométrico CSTR Refrigerante Microfiltrador ...

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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

... QuartzRC; Quartz Time; Quick Cap COWARE tool bundle - 5 licenses Signal Processing Designer; Architect and Model Designer; Processor Designer Generic I Libraries ... (parallel) Supporting 3000 ICs; SUPERPRO 280U(USB) Supporting 30000 ICs ADDON CARD: 89C51 CPU; 8 Bit ADC; 8 Bit ...

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