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Humanoid_robot - NUS School of Computing

Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots Presented by: Li Yunzhen What is Humanoid Robots & its balance constraints? Survey Paper’s Goal 1. Footstep Placement 1.Footstep Placement—Simplifying Assumption 1.Footstep Placement—Simplifying Assumption 1.Footstep Placement—Overall algorithm 1 ...

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Humanoid Robotics - Ryerson University

WTF is Humanoid Robotics? Why is it so popular? What are Advantages/ Disadvantages? Where are we going with it? Robots that look like or mimic people Like an android? Karel Čapek coins the term “Robot” – 1921 1930’s to 70’s: ...

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Why Humanoid Robots ?

Why Humanoid Robots?* Çetin Meriçli Department of Computer Engineering Boğaziçi University 06.10.2006 * Largely adapted from Carlos Balaguer’s talk in IURS’06

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Humanoid_Robots.ppt - Computer Science, CSULA

Pratik Shah CS 575 Prof: K.V.Bapa Rao * * * * Outline What is a robot? History Our Times Why Humanoid Robots? ASIMO Recognition Technology Conclusion What is a Robot??

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Humanoid Robots - Dagstuhl

Humanoid Robot Navigation in Complex Indoor Environments Maren Bennewitz Humanoid Robots Lab Joint work with Armin Hornung, Johannes Garimort, Attila Görög, Daniel Maier, Stefan Osswald, Kai Wurm,

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Humanoid Robot -

What does it do? A humanoid robot is an autonomous robot because it can adapt to changes in its environment or itself. It can continue to reach its goal that is the main difference between humanoid and other kinds of robots. Where is it? Japan USA Who made it?

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A general humanoid robot access/control framework -- How to ...

Title: A general humanoid robot access/control framework -- How to access R2D2 & C3PO with the same control commands? Author: Allen Yang Last modified by

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Asimo-Humanoid Robot

Asimo-Humanoid Robot By Nicole Pereira Grade 8 Presentation Outline During this presentation, ... The latest of these robots was designed in 2005. What it does and where it was built It does things that humans either can’t do or are just too lazy to do!

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Robotics - California State University, Los Angeles

Presentations on robotics Humanoid robots: An interaction Discussion about the humanoid robots and their applications. Robotics Robotics definition and types of robots. World of robots History, applications and glimpse of robots in future.

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Explain some of the key problems involved in designing and building humanoid robots 4. Understand Asmov’s laws of robotics and discuss the issue they raise for the future development of intelligent robot agents

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Types of Robots - TheCAT - Web Services Overview

Types of Robots Some Literature Contents about robot types in book Topics: – Driving Robots Differential steering, synchro-drive, tracked vehicles – Omni-Directional Robots Mecanum wheels – Flying Robots Sensors, structure – Balancing Robots Inverted pendulum – Walking Robots 6-legged ...

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The research on robot emotions and methods to allow humanoid robots to acquire complex motor skills is recently advancing at a very fast pace. Emotions can be best expressed by a biped robot with human-like face Humanoid robots to express emotions: M ...

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Robots for home

A short Robots timeline. 270 BC - An ancient Greek engineer named Ctesibus invented organs and water clocks with movable figures. 1495 - Leonardo da Vinci designed and possibly built the first humanoid robot.

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PowerPoint Presentation

A Software Architecture and Tools for Autonomous Robots that Learn on Mission K. Kawamura, M. Wilkes (Presenter), A. Peters Vanderbilt University

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Famous Robots in History - Maine Robotics

Robots make it to Hollywood: Metropolis, filmed from 1925 to 1926 in Germany and released in 1927. Re-released in the United States in 1929 as a shorter version.

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Humanoid Robots as Cooperative Partners for People

Humanoid Robots as Cooperative Partners for People paper by Breazeal, C., et al.. (2003) MIT Media Lab, Robotic Life Group presentation by Kósa Máté Ágoston

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Projects 2005: Interactive Robot Theatre as a future toy Integration of Machine Learning, Quantum Networks and software-hardware methodology in humanoid robots

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Model Predictive Control for Humanoid Balance and Locomotion

Motivation. Improve the performance and usefulness of complex robots, simplifying controller design by focusing on simpler models that capture important features of the desired behavior

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Mid 80's Neural Networks Timeline of AI Timeline of AI 2000 Robotics: Humanoid robots - Rodney Brook Robo-Cup soccer Humanoid sociable robots Interactive robot pets Create a robot which is autonomous, thinks for itself, makes its own decisions, ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

AN ACTIVE VISION APPROACH TO OBJECT SEGMENTATION – Paul Fitzpatrick – MIT CSAIL flexible perception Humanoid form is general-purpose, mechanically flexible Robots that really live and work amongst us will need to be as general-purpose and adaptive perceptually as they are mechanically ...

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Why Robots Communicate - Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Why Robots Communicate Author: Somchaya Liemhetcharat Last modified by: Somchaya Liemhetcharat Created Date: 11/10/2010 4:01:07 PM Document presentation format

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Robot Control - MGNet

... Humanoid probe robot Interaction middleware for humanoid robots Software that generates impact motions for the HRP-2 robot Animatronic humanoid robot Musculoskeletal humanoid robot with a large-degree-of-freedom flexible spine Humanoid robot for research on dynamic motion Bipedal ...

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Robotics 101 - Robofest

Humanoid Robots More Humanoid Robots: SONY QRIO Design principles of autonomous agents, Rolf Pfeifer, 1996 Autonomous – Have to solve tasks without human intervention Self-sufficient – They have to be able to sustain themselves over extended period of time Embodied ...

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Introduction to Robotics - Welcome to RAISE !!

Industrial Robots Robots in Space Robots in ... Sony SDR-3X Entertainment Robot Kismet Artificial Intelligence Garbage Collection Cart Robot Work Crews Autonomy HONDA Humanoid Robot Humanoids Smart Irrigation System Remote Robot Arm Manipulation Remote Emergency Notification System ...

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Lernende und kooperierende humanoide Roboter

... Leere Präsentation Microsoft Word-Bild Challenges for Dialog in Human-Robot interaction About me Outline Humanoid Robots Humanoid Robots SFB588 ...

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RoboCup: The Robot World Cup Initiative - Ohio University

RoboCup: The Robot World Cup Initiative Based on Wikipedia and presentations by Mariya Miteva, Kevin Lam, Paul Marlow What is RoboCup? RoboCup is an international robotics competition The official goal of the project By mid-21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players ...

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Artificial Intelligence & Robotics - Rensselaer Polytechnic ...

Mark D’Agostino Overview Introduction / Terminology Examples of Agencies SPOT & Fresh Kitty RoboCup Applications of AI and Robotics More Examples The Humanoid COG Film Clip Terminology Artificial Intelligence – The collective attributes of a computer, robot, or other device capable of ...

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The R2 unit can lift 20 pounds per arm which is stated to be 4 times what other humanoid robots can lift. It has movable arms, fingers, and hands which also comes with opposable thumbs.

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Robotics Introduction - Santa Clara University - Electrical ...

... three humanoid robots meet for the first time: Johnny Walker from the University of Western Australia, the Mk-II from Japan's Aoyama Gakuin University, and Pino from Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project Etymology The Word Robot has its root in the Slavic languages and means worker, ...

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Robotics Overview - UNC A

Robotics Overview History Current Applications Future Social Implications Further Readings Menial Labor Robot, which is derived from a Czech word meaning "menial labor," got its modern meaning from a 1920 play, R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), by Czech playwright Karel Capek (1890-1938).

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Quantum mechanical model of emotional robot behaviors M. Lukac and M. Perkowski Overview Motivation Why Emotional Robots? Emotional Models for Humanoid Robots Architecture of Cynthea Quantum Robotic Emotions CRL Language Quantum Command Rewriting Emotional Humanoid Robots Disclaimer: Definition ...

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pres-mars0903.ppt - USC Robotics Research Lab - University of ...

... synthesis of novel humanoid motion from automatically derived movement primitives Application of the method II: movement ... “Generating and Recognizing Free-Space movements in Humanoid Robots", IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robotics and Systems (IROS-2003), Las Vegas, Nevada ...

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VP-TAB-F08-Slides.ppt - Ken Goldberg

Real-World Implementation: Motion planning algorithms are being implemented on real-world humanoid robots at U Tokyo, AIST, CMU, … Contact email to join: [email protected] Recent Advances: TC Co-Chairs: Atsuo ...

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Intent Recognition as a Basis for Imitation Learning in Humanoid Robots Andrew Fagg, Rod Grupen, Mike Rosenstein, and John Sweeney UMass Amherst

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OQE presentation

This mechanism of visual attention is just as important for robots as it is for humans, from the same considerations of resource allocation. ... particularly humanoid robots But with careful use, these expectations can facilitate smooth, ...

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مقدمه - AUT

One of the main aims of humanoid robotics is to develop robots that are capable of interacting naturally with people. However, to understand the essence of human interaction, it is crucial to investigate the contribution of behavior and appearance.

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AI and Robotics - Salisbury University

Humanoid with Attitude by Anthony Faiola Hiroshi Kobayashi has invented a cyber-receptionist named Ms. Saya. Humanoid with Attitude Mr. Kobayashi ... Robots and the Rest of Us by Bruce Sterling Sterling addresses the fact that robot ethicists are meeting in the mansion that once belonged to ...

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Path Planning for a Single Robot - Geometric Algorithms for ...

Manipulator, Video Humanoid robots Plan Move Sense Path Planning Motion Planning g s g s g s Discretization Continuous representation Graph search g s A L-shaped robot robot workspace reference point x y q reference direction q=(q1, q2, ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Paul Fitzpatrick • MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory • Humanoid Robotics Group affordance exploitation (rolling) ... To build robots that can interact with novel objects and participate in novel activities Challenge

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PowerPoint Presentation

Embodiment of intelligent behaviors on mobile robots using fuzzy-genetic algorithms Theoretical and Experimental Research Capabilities Intelligent Man-Machine Interface Interactive Component Based ... Proc. IEEE-RAS Int’l. Conf. on Humanoid Robots, pp. 451-459, Waseda University ...

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Robots and People - Slides - NISE Network

Humanoid robots Help at home Play ping-pong PowerPoint Presentation Robot vehicles Explore space Vacuum PowerPoint Presentation Biomimetic robots Soar like a bird Monitor pollution Spy on ships and subs How would YOU use this robot? What are ...

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Biologically Inspired Robots - Texas A&M University

Humanoid vision: Footstep planning strategies for biped humanoid to navigate on rough terrain and uneven surfaces. ... Robots that can maneuver using flows and body positions . huge energy savings, and substantially increasing the. length of swimming time.

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Sumo Robot - Everobotics

2000 Honda showcases Asimo, the next generation of its series of humanoid robots. 2001 Sony releases the second generation of its Aibo robot dog. Robot Sumo the Beginning Sumo Robot Contest Simple Rules Low Startup Cost Simple Programming Lots of Fun! Mini Sumo ...

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A Study of Flexible Shoe System for Biped Robot

In IEEEInternational Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids2003), 10 2003. [2] Satoshi Kagami, Masaaki Mochimaru, Yoshihiro Ehara, Natsuki Miyata,Koichi Nishiwaki, Hirochika Inoue, and Takeo Kanade. Measurementand comparison of humanoid h7 walking with human being.

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Robot Control - MGNet

Humanoid Robotic Hardware Biped Humanoid Robot Group - Kato/Takanishi Laboratory & Waseda University ... of the Fourier transform changes and is proportional to the change in the heading of the robot Sensor Network for Robots Conclusions Significant advances in technology has enabled ...

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Robots for Transportation Security - Florida Institute for ...

Capture Point: A Step toward Humanoid Push Recovery Jerry Pratt1, John Carff1, Sergey Drakunov1, Ambarish Goswami2 1Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

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Active Sensing for Mobile and Humanoid Robots Lindsay Kleeman Intelligent Robotics Research Centre Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

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01_01 - Welcome to — RoboticsCourseWare

... tactile feedback desirable Biomimetic Robots Using biological principles to reduce design space Humanoid robots For robots to efficiently interact with humans, should they be anthropomorphic?

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A brief tour of Robotic Art - University of Massachusetts Lowell

Robots that look like people are called humanoid robots. Mars rover Spirit Paul Beck, Robots, ©2009 What is Art?- ask Kant (1724–1804) Immanuel Kant, “The Critique of Judgment”, discusses beauty, aka aesthetics, (beauty!) which ...

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Mirror Neurons - University of California, San Diego

Recent Mirror Neuron Research Neurocomputing and Robotics Anthropomorphic “humanoidrobots that socially interact with humans. Discovery of the mirror neuron system allows for finer tuning of social interactions between robots and humans Oberman, ...

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