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Anna & Caitlin 23/3/2009 Contents What is an alien? Do they exist? Are they smarter than us? Kenneth Arnold A little story Roswell Area 51 U.F.O sightings Pictures Are they watching us right now?

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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street - Pearland ISD

Who Believes in Aliens? 60% of people believe that aliens exist!! A recent CNN poll showed that almost 80% of Americans thought that the government was hiding information about aliens.

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Aliens and Area 51 - Wikispaces

What is Area 51? Area 51 was never supposed to “exist” for an average human. ... It could also just be that they don’t want us to know. History of aliens In ancient times, people painted pictures in caves near France and Australia. They looked like what we know as aliens and UFO’s.

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Life On Other Planets

Life On Other Planets D. Crowley, 2007 Life On Other Planets To evaluate information on the existence of life on other planets * Do Aliens Exist Do you think aliens exist?

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PLANET MARS: ALIENS! - Bowling Green State University

PLANET MARS Does life exist on Mars? Mars Video ALIENS! Christiaan Huygens, 1659: rate of rotation similar to Earth’s ALIENS! Canals on Mars sparked belief of alien life Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli, 1877 40 lines crossing Mars Percival Lowell, late 1800s 160 canals Alien Canals People ...

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Proposition of Fact - Cherokee County School District

For example, if we don't know whether aliens exist, try to persuade them that they don't. Your persuasive speech topic would be, "Aliens Cannot Possibly Exist." Proposition of Value Talk about whether something is good or bad, worthless or ideal.

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Directly by SETI THE OTHER ALIENS: ... Photos of Face on Mars Moon Hoax Arguments against Moon landings Technology for Moon landings did not exist Humans would be killed beyond Van Allen belts TV and photos from Moon obviously faked NASA killed astronauts who dissented ...

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SPIs 0807.5.1 to 5.4 Classification, Adaptations. Variations, and Biodiversity Bell Work May 7, 2013 Does life exist elsewhere in the universe? A) (Opinion Question) Choose yes or no, and write 2 or more sentences explaining/defending your answer.

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Quiz time: Which of the following is a SATISFACTORY thesis statement? A) Many people don’t believe aliens exist. B) Circumnavigating the globe in a UFO is the ultimate thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

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The Socratic Method

Are Ideas Real? Do ideas like justice, loyalty, virtue, etc. exist as “real things” (i.e. similar to the ways horses, nails, poems, houses exist as “real things”), or do ideas exist only in the individual and collective human imagination (i.e. similar to the ways unicorns, space aliens ...

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Models of the Universe - The Evergreen State College

Aliens exist, though they have not yet visited Earth. Many days without seeing the sun leads to depression. Video killed the radio star. Poverty is a major problem in the United States.

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Aliens exist but have not yet communicated. They have not had time to reach us. Speed of light slows communication. Relativity makes space travel take too long. They are signaling but we don’t know how to listen.

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Does life exist elsewhere in the universe?

Title: Does life exist elsewhere in the universe? Author: Doug Last modified by: Hill Park Created Date: 11/30/2008 7:59:23 PM Document presentation format

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ch 6 pseudoreasoning

The ‘proof’ too assumes aliens exist. After-all, if they don’t exist then the fact that they’ve never been spotted isn’t evidence at all is it. This is an example of Begging the Question.

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ch 6 pseudoreasoning - McGraw-Hill

The ‘proof’ also assumes aliens exist. After-all, if they don’t exist then the fact that they’ve never been spotted isn’t evidence at all is it. This is an example of begging the question.

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aliens-exist. Good, I. J. (1965). Speculations Concerning the First Ultraintelligent Machine. Advances in . Computers (Academic Press), 6, 31-88. Hayles, N.K. (1999). How We Became . Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and . Informatics.

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New Age - Typepad

Spiritual beings (e.g. angels, ascended masters, elementals, ghosts, and/or space aliens) exist, and will guide us, if we open ourselves to their guidance. The human mind has deep levels and vast powers, which are capable even of overriding physical reality.

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Utilitarian Considerations - Ohio State University

Now, if these aliens exist, should their well-being count? And if it should count, should each unit of their well-being have the same weight as each unit of ours? If you answer “no” to either of these questions, what is the reason?

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Critical Thinking - Michael Johnson's Homepage | All things ...

Aliens exist. 2 + 2 = 4. Pocari Sweat is better than Aquarius. You should kill children for fun. Claims. Claims can be: General or specific. True or false. Plausible or implausible. Reasonable or unreasonable. Supported by evidence or not ...

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Illegal Aliens Country of Origin

But the constitution which at any time exist till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole people is sacredly obligatory upon all. ... Those opposed to illegal aliens are opposed to legal immigration. Everyone would do the same thing in an illegal immigrant’s place.

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Critical Thinking - Michael Johnson's Homepage | All things ...

Aliens exist. 2 + 2 = 4. Pocari Sweat is better than Aquarius. You should kill children for fun. Claims. Claims can be: General or specific. Clear or ambiguous. True or false. Plausible or implausible. Reasonable or unreasonable.

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Aliens of Extraordinary Ability INA 203(b)(1)(A)

Title: Aliens of Extraordinary Ability INA 203(b)(1)(A) Author: dcl01 Last modified by: jljagger Created Date: 6/24/2005 2:48:23 AM Document presentation format

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Ling 390 - Intro to Linguistics - Winter 2005 Class 1 ...

Syntax Slide 43 Example of a complement clause Syntax Slide 44 Nancy believes that aliens exist. Sailors know that the ship could sink. !The tourists hope that whales will be swimming near the boat. (!very difficult!) Practice (No ...

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Ethical Pluralism and Relativism - Education Bureau

Aliens exist. Aristotle was the author of Metaphysics. The third new Millennium started on 1/1/2000. Moral practice Vs moral belief: Seemingly conflicting behaviours can in fact be motivated by the same moral belief/value.

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Academic Vocabulary Set 1

... foolish or silly Some people may believe that fatuous notion that little green aliens exist. The employee was fired for his fatuous and unprofessional attitude toward customers. This might sound completely fatuous, but… (what?)

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Cards - Primary Resources - Free teaching resources, lesson ...

Speaking and listening card Do aliens exist? What are they like if they do? Speaking and listening card What are the three most important things in life? Why? Speaking and listening card If you could drive, where would you drive to? Why ...

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Talk-Write Non Fiction. - Fronter learning platform - Fronter ...

Do aliens exist? Talk for Writing Non-fiction Developed from the Storymaking project. Projects in the IOW, Bradford, Sheffield, Port Talbot, Lewisham, Torbay. Works best where storymaking is a familiar routine across a school.

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Life in the Universe

Aliens. Aliens. So… where are the aliens? Galactic civilization should already exist! Three possibilities. We are alone … and therefore precious. The only part of the Universe that is self-aware. Civilizations are common but they haven’t bothered colonizing the galaxy.

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Is There Life Beyond Earth? - East Penn School District

... How many intelligent alien civilizations do you think exist? ... (2 clips) Exoplanets Aliens SETI Program SETI — the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence The Mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, ...

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Fallacies - Lora Lane

Show me that space aliens don’t exist! Or he may build on an unproven assumption. Have you stopped beating your wife? More Begging the Question Sometimes the “reason” is just the conclusion restated in a slightly different way.

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PowerPoint Presentation

Sure, UFOs exist. But when they are identified, they are normally weather balloons, 747s, Venus, whatever. ... Contact Swashbuckling: Star Wars Satire: Men In Black Hostile Aliens Star Trek and spinoffs (The Borg, the Dominion) Aliens Independence Day Perhaps we shouldn’t look for Aliens?

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The Employer/ Employee Relationship - Chicago Chapter APA

What constitutes ‘knowingly’ hiring unauthorized aliens? Proof of Right to Work in U.S. Electronic Forms I-9 Can be electronic if the form is legible, not changes to name, content, ...

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Alien Earths Floorplan (3,000 sq. ft) Major Exhibit Areas

NASA’s Terrestrial Planet Finder Does life exist on an extra-solar planet? How can we find it? ... It’s the main question of the exhibit, but are the chances of contacting intelligent aliens somewhere out there. Usingthe famous Drake Equation, ...

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Privacy Act FOIA INTERFACE - United States Department of Defense

**No requirement to create records that do not exist under either statute. ... Apply only to U.S. citizens and aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence. Access may also be granted through “exceptions” (includes a published “routine use).”

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Enough Is Enough: Sufficiency vs. Skeptical Materialism“You ...

If I believe in aliens visiting earth, or herbal remedies for cancer, or homeopathic cures, or predestination, ... probably no more likely than finding out leprechauns actually exist. ...

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Do you think that aliens exist? Family. Music. This activity is designed to build their confidence, even before you start to show ss example speaking paper. Ask ss to talk about their family holidays, they will be quite confident.

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PowerPoint Presentation

Aliens probably exist. WALT: Write an assisted Persuasive Essay. Possible Topics page 2. Athletes are paid too much. Kids should be able to vote. We need a military draft. Kids should get paid for grades. School should take place in the evenings.

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23 - The Fringe - UC Physics - Physics, University of Cincinnati

... he was mysteriously lifted off the ground by a strange force during the event received telepathic messages from the aliens faced an alien eye-to ... instruments properly Anticontamination suits are bogus Injuries inconsistent with crash Warning signs used did not exist until 20 years ...

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Is There A God? - Revelation And Creation

Do you believe it was given to us by aliens? Do you believe it was the product of erosion? ... Some Parameters Scientists Say Are needed for Complex Life to Exist. proper gravitational force. placement in the small habitable region of a galaxy.

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Bermuda Triangle - ik

What I Think I think that the Bermuda triangle is an active mystery and does exist. I did not know anything about the Bermuda Triangle till I did this topic. ... throwing many sailors off course and out to sea. Aliens theories Aliens are another theory of the Bermuda triangle.

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Prezentacja programu PowerPoint

Aliens, UFO, extraterrestrials... Many names for the same thing. ... It is your responsibility to find out as much as possible about aliens, their intentions and if they really exist. Right now there are four, urgent, I might add, matters on your hands.

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Honors 228: Astrobiology Lecture No. 1

... Certainties and Uncertainties Aliens have already visited Earth surveys have as many as 50% in the affirmative “Evolution” of astrobiology Geocentric view Heliocentric view Hierarchical view of the Universe ... Environmental Conditions What are conditions under which life could exist?

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The Convention Against Torture - Stuart Malawer

The U.S. has enacted statutes and regulations to prohibit the transfer of aliens to countries where torture might exist including: Atty. General required to promulgate regulations implementing CAT effective March 22, 1999, ...

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Life in the Universe - University of Iowa

Life in the Universe 029:062 Guest Lecture Catherine Whiting * Based on position from star- temperature important so that liquid water can exist * Example of 55 Cancri- has planet in habitable zone, could have rocky moons with water * Building blocks of life are extremely common throughout the ...

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Current and Resistance Electric Current Whenever electric charges of like signs move, an electric current is said to exist The current is the rate at which the charge flows through this surface Look at the charges flowing perpendicularly to a surface of area A The SI unit of current ...

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The Goldilocks Zone

The Goldilocks Zone. The region around a star at which the temperature is between the range at which water can exist

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Demons were thought to exist throughout the ancient world “Thought of as natural rather than supernatural beings ... Aliens are a major subject of movies, TV shows, and novels. People are now thinking about UFOs, so UFO stories emerge. “In contrast, we hear very little about incubi, elves ...

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Extraterrestrials (ET's)

... which many people believe exist. ... Celestial Entities. The Praying Mantis aliens allegedly have long, narrow faces with long, narrow large eyes slanted upward and outward in an almost V position. They have thin, long torso; long, thin arms which are usually crooked; ...'s).pps

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Intro to Philosophy - University of Arkansas

Aliens claim Jacko is their son ... The existence of evil is thought by some to prove that God does not exist An Incompatible Triad God is omnipotent God is wholly good Evil exists “Omnipotent”: can do anything that is possible “good”: ...,%20evil.ppt

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Logic Slides 1 - Mount St. Mary's University

I believe in aliens. It may be an objective fact that aliens do or do not exist, but the meaning of this sentence depends upon a belief, so the proposition is subjective. Are the following propositions objective or subjective?

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