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Act I Scene 1 Act I Scene 2 Act II Scene 1 Act II Scene 2 ...

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Act I Scene 1 Act I Scene 2 Act II Scene 1 Act II Scene 2 ...

Foreigner Costume Plot Template.xls Author: Patron Created Date: 11/3/2009 7:42:24 AM ...

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costume design form - Bing - Free PDF Downloads Blog ...

Blank Costume Design Template Theatre Costume Design Template Costume Measurement Template Costume Design Mannequin Template ... A helpful blank Costume Plot form, designed for use in printing and note-taking for costume designers, or as a template. Costume Design Template ...

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THR 8010 Advanced Theatre Practicum - Wayne State University

Costume Budget vi. Lighting Plot vii. Lighting Budget viii. Properties Plot ix. Sound Plot x. Stage Manager’s Reports (production meetings, dailies, pre-show check-list, emergency speech and procedures, contact sheet) xi.

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Gaston County Schools-2012-2013 Theatre Arts II Pacing Guide

costume parade costume plot building costume designer cutter/draper/sewer wardrobe manager dresser foundation matte highlighting shadowing blocked out facial mask blender prosthetics live action close-up zoom dissolve crosscut shot treatment storyboard

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National Individual Events 2012- 2013 - Nebraska Thespians

COSTUME DESIGN 1 The entrant must prepare and present: ... Template or trace characters may be used. abric swatches are encouraged and may be ... costume plot as needed to clearly convey the choices you made in your design and

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agreement (Lessee) and return via mail or fax with your circled plot and completed measurement chart. Pencil and red ink do not fax clearly. Highlighters fax as black outs. ... to all the listed terms for costume rental from The Costumer, Inc. SHIP TO:

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Figure 1.0.7 Costume breakdown plot: The Cherry Orchard. (R L Coleman) ... Using a light box, the next step is to trace over my template the line sketch of the costume design. The technique I have found to work best for me is to use a 2B

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California Thespian Individual Events

Template or trace characters may be sed. Fabric swatches are encouraged and may be u. attached to ... a rough skethes, swatched finalc renderings, costume plot as needed to clearly convey the choices you made in your design and their rationale. ...

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D. Light plot and specific technical requirements a minimum of three (3) ... 2pm-5pm Dress Rehearsal (not in costume) 5pm-6pm Tech Notes/Dancers take dinner ... (12) Template holders (120) 2.4Kw dimmers (1) ...

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Common Theater Terminology - Taylortag

Costume Plot - A list and description (breakdown) of every costume piece worn be every actor adn ... called Template. Grid - A steel framework above the stage from which the fly system is rigged. Grip - Crew member who moves scenery.

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Template or trace characters may be used. 4. The board should be labeled in the following manner: (a) upper left-hand corner: play title and playwright; (b) upper right-hand corner: ... Costume plot information Prop Plot information 3.

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Colorado Thescon 2013 - Colorado State Thespians

presentation.Background!color!isat!the!discretion!ofthe!designer.!Template!or!trace!characters!may! be!used.! 4. Design’Presentation: ... ⇒ Costume!plot!information! ⇒ Prop!plot!information! 3. General’Rule:!Each!image!should!be!labeled:!(a)!play!title!and!playwright; ...

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Stage Manager Handbook - CSU, Chico

Production Meeting Notes Rehearsal Report Program Template ... Costume plot Preset checklists Tech / Perf sign in sheets ASM checklists SM checklists ... o Costume measurements signup sheet —talk to costume shop about fitting and

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Unit Planning Templates For Teachers

Teachers' Template Collection for Microsoft Office. 2. Hawker Brownlow Education . ... Mar 23, 2011 - Identify and plot points in the four quadrants of a Cartesian plane, using integral Intersecting ... Took Went out twice. Read paper &. This PDF book include cardboard knight costume template

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Sample Newspaper Article Outlines - Student News Hounds

Plot Summary: Describe what the movie about Scene Review: Highlight a couple of ... the movie? Technical Film-making: Review 2-3 aspects of the film making: acting, directing, set design, costume design, sound track, cinematography (i.e. scenery, outdoors) if it plays a key role in the ...

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Example of Contest score sheet #2 - RAWSISTAZ

Plot Plot is skillfully set up; believable (or reader is able to suspend disbelief). Conflict is realistic and not easily resolved because of misunderstanding. Sexual and/or dramatic tension is present or implicit. Judge’s Comments: Enter a score

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TPP 1100 Acting Fundamentals - Santa Fe College

Plot – (1) The action sequence or storyline of a play or script. (2) Any list of cues, changes, or effects used in the play. (This includes lighting plot, costume plot, set plot, etc) ... Template Created Date: 11/17 ...

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Acting Fundamentals: TPP 1100; Vocabulary List #2

Plot (1) The action sequence or storyline of a play or script. (2) Any list of cues, changes, or effects used in the play. (lighting plot, costume plot, etc.) 24. Preset (1) Used to describe any article placed in it’s ... Template Created Date:

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Perform basic costume maintenance including laundry and repairs Prepare a wardrobe plot for each character in a script List the basic hair and wig requirements for a show from an examination of the script Create and use budgets for costume, ...

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4 Introduction to the Show Plot Synopsis The story of The 39 Steps is a classic portrayal of one man’s flight from wrongful accusation through a series of improbable adventures.

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Concert Performances Education Programs Community Outreach and

Costume racks, lights, and mirror should be located on both sides of the stage for quick changes. ... •Instruments, cable, gel, gel frames as needed from light plotTemplate holders for 8 units •High side pipe units 36 degree, 26 degree, 19 degree source –4 at each end of 4 electrics

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“Ceremony of Season Location: Partnerships/Community ...

Analysis will include relevant information about food, clothing/regalia/costume, music, dance, prayer ... These plot maps are reviewed afterwards for detail and accuracy. ... Writing materials, including the Dee Ni Plot Map template, ...

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Book Report Options For English class2013

You will be describing the plot, characters, and setting of the story to the ... You will find/create a costume and BECOME ... there is a download for this template. Quilt – You can use any type of fabric to create a visual representation that retells your story.

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RETELLING STORIES - University of California, Irvine

Template. Discuss in your group the characteristics (large, small, facial expression, ... b. Describe story elements (e.g., characters, plot, setting). THEATRE – GRADE 2 Retelling Stories Character Study Lesson 6 CONTENT STANDARDS ... Include costume, hair, beard, etc.

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2nd Grade - Compton Unified School District

o Record in the Cornell Note template. o Example: Question Notes Why was Spiderman jumping from building to ... share what they have learned about the characters, setting, or plot so far? ... costume? Joey is wearing a costume so that he can win a contest.

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plot relevance, and highly unlikely resolution of the plot is common. Straight re-tellings of the original stories are rare. ... The animal, played by an actor in "animal skin" or animal costume. It is often a pantomime horse or cow, played by two actors in a single costume, ...

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Max's Event Contract Template 12-3 - University of Virginia

A small plot of stage lights for a general wash that gives a more performance-oriented look. ... All dressing rooms are equipped with costume racks, and each dressing room adjoins a bathroom. Stage Dimensions: ... Max's Event Contract Template 12-3

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silver merit template - AG Web Services

h. Costume designer 7. ... c. Plot d. Resolution e. Storyboard f. Story line ... Royal Rangers at Title: Microsoft Word - silver merit template.doc Author: DHull Created Date: 10/22/2008 2:55:19 PM ...

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UNIT PLAN TEMPLATE - Spartanburg County School District 2

E2-1.4 Analyze the relationship among character, plot, conflict, and theme in a ... Props/Costume Students use props Students use props and costumes that accurately fit the text ... UNIT PLAN TEMPLATE Author:

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UNIT PLAN TEMPLATE - Spartanburg School District 2

Evaluate the relationship among character, plot, and theme in a given literary ... Costume 20pts VAVAVOOM You really enveloped the time period...garb, mask, hair piece, fan, sword, ... UNIT PLAN TEMPLATE Author:

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Assessment resource unit standard 28003 - Home » NZQA

... set designer, choreographer, or costume ... lighting plot, running plot and cue sheet/synopsis and communicated to relevant personnel such as the creative collaborators, lighting operator, riggers, mechanists and other relevant stage crew. You may use a template and drafting tools ...

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Throughout this template document, instructional text is provided in red. ... 2.1 Plot Synopsis In this section please provide a plot synopsis; ... Costume Design [Insert Name] Property Design [Insert Name]

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Lesson Plan Template - TPSNVA

Lesson Plan Template based on Understanding by Design by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins ... Four Eskimo children in holiday costume – ... PLOT IDEAS Beginning ...

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Film and Politics - Indiana State University

FILM SCRIPTING TEMPLATE YOUR NAME ... Basic Plot (a single sentence if possible), and what areas of “politics” are apparent: Does the movie have a point of view? Is it ... other (music, mis en scene, costume design, lighting, etc) Do you think the movie ...

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get familiar with the prop plot ... On the back of each script page, copy the blocking sheet template from the back of this workbook. If you have a ground plan of your set, ... work with Costume Shop Manager to make sure quick change area(s) ...

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UTPA Stage Manager1-2009 - University of Texas–Pan American

Make a property plot of specific requirements mentioned in or implied in the script. ... E. Small rulers or lighting template or scale rule F. Tape measure, 25' ... Costume Plot Description Sheets Dressers' Notes Hair and Wigs Inventory Measurement Charts

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Review Format 180211 -

* Keep plot description to a minimum and focus on performances/production values ... The following template must be used by all reviewers: Title Author: Venue Director: Producer: ... STAGING LIGHTING COSTUME

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06|04|2010 An Introduction to the Graphic Novel

Costume (historic) drama, Fantasy, Film noir, ... • Plot • Characters • Dialog • Setting • Audience. The . Rabbi's Cat. by Joann Sfar Translation © 2005 Pantheon Books. Maloy 9 ... Microsoft Word - B Sides Cover Page Template-1.doc Author:

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’How Very Lacanian’: From Fantasy to Hyperreality in ...

‘Heck, even the way she wears her clothes is fascinating. Her costume designer has given her a series ... Basic Instinct (1992) was a mediocre reworking of the postmodern noir template established in ... postmodern audience’s need for a story to be continually re-written with new plot ...

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NAME TROUPE # TITLE - Georgia Thespians Web Site

Board color is at the discretion of the designer. Figures should be 8 to 10” tall. Template or trace characters may be used ... ⇒ Costume plot

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KS2 Activity Ideas - J. R. R. Tolkien

... and how plot, narrative structure and themes are developed. This is KS2, En2 4c. Other elements of the national curriculum framework are also covered, and are highlighted at the end of each activity. Costume Making ... A dragon template was made, ...

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University of California, Irvine THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM ...

template # purpose claire trevor theatre lighting designer: master electrician: scenic designer: costume designer: director: light plot plate of scale: drawn by: elec plan submittals number date note legend notes

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fl˚ ˚ ˚ ˚ Sleeping Beauty - Harrogate Theatre

Plot summary Character comparison table Story hill template How to set out a script Story boards Writing tasks Newspaper template Set and costume design worksheet Class design activities Set design template Reviews Music workshop ideas Drama workshop ideas.

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RETELLING STORIES - University of California, Irvine

Discuss characterization, plot, costumes and props and how they will get the story ... Storyboard Template and performance rubric ELA Standards Addressed Reading Comprehension: 2.5 Restate facts and details in the text to ... Costume or Prop Y N Notes: Y N Notes: Y N Notes: Y ...

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preproduction - University of California, Santa Cruz

pulls), a production / costume designer, etc. 3. ... Make a Floorplan / lighting plot for each Location a. Sketch a simple floorplan b. Mark Camera positions (designate A, B, C etc) c. A should be the widest shot, since it uses the most lighting and

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Master Electrician - Barnard College

Build Period-Before Plot Due Date Construct and/or electrify practicals, special effects, ... props coordinator, or costume shop manager. Attend production meetings through the build phase to keep the production team advised of progress. ... o Color and Template Information

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reaction, and after removing her masquerade costume, she sits down with Torvald to share the first serious conversation of their eight year marriage. ... objects which are connected to the plot, characters, or theme of the play. You can provide

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All equipment and power needed to execute Company’s light plot and hookup. ... 21 Template holders for profile fixtures, as specified in light plot. ... costume racks in each room and artistic director requires one costume rack.

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by Kevin Lee Allen | first edition written with version 2012 ...

Costume Design by Stephanie Peterson Lighting Design by Christina Burr Sound Design by Emma Shankland ... Template or Stationery Files ... Create Plot and Model View ...

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Property Master Production Manual

the costume shop, the props department ... You do not have to use the specific template – it just needs to make sense. 3. ... I. Attend design meeting #3 – present current property plot, drawings, and any current research for review and approval.

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