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in Ain-e-Akbari (part 1), written by Abul fazal, who also mentions that the territory of Punjab was divided into two provinces, Lahore and Multan. Similarly in the second volume of Ain-e-Akbari, the title of a chapter includes the word Punjab in it.

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Namah complemented by the Ain-i-Akbari. While the Akbar Namah is the authentic account of Akbar’s reign, the Ain-e Akbari is virtually a gazetteer on Mughal administration under Akbar. Eight of these manuscripts, mentioned by Abul Fazl, have been identified.

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A Temporal View of Socio-Political Changes in Punjab

Asad Ali Khan A Temporal View 297 For the first time in history, the word ‘Punjab’ was used during 1850 in ‘Tarikh-e-Sher Shah’.4 The name Punjab was also mentioned in ‘Ain-e-Akbari

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History Books and Authors

Ain-e-Akbari” Abul Fazal “Aja’ib-ul-Afsar” Ibn-e-Battutah “Akbar Nama” Abul Fazal “Akbar: the great Mughal” Vincent A Smith “Alamgir Nama” Mirza Kazim (first 10 years rule of Aurangzeb) “Aml-e-Saleh” Muhammad Saleh Kamboh

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‘A Bend in the River’ is written by: V.S. Naipaul ‘Ain ...

Ain-i-Akbari’ was written by: Abul Fazal ‘Akbarnama’ is written by: Abul Fazal ‘ANAND’ in Gujarat is a typical example of: Co-operative Society ‘Anandmath’ was written by: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

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Census of India 2011 - Language in India

Ain-e-Akbari – Mughal King Akbar (16th Century) 1872 – the first systematic Census conducted all over India (non synchronous) 1881 – the first synchronous Census conducted all over India 1951 – the first Census of Independent India

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Bihar Constable Recruitment Exam GK Model Papers

Who composed Ain-e-Akbari? A. Farista B. Ibn Batuta C. Abul Fazal D. Birbal Ans. (C) 19. Who introduced the ‘Doctrine of Lapse’? A. Dalhousie B. Canning C. Rippon D. Lytton Ans. (A) 20. Who permitted the English to establish first factory in India? A. Akbar

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Saraiki Ethnic Identity: Genesis of Conflict with State ...

Aboul Fazal who wrote Ain-e-Akbari was one of the most renowned scholars of Mughal Emperor Akbar. He also introduced the Multani Civilization in this book. According to him, “Multan is greater than first, second and third Aqleem.

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Abulfazal writer of "Ain-e-Akbari, "was one of the jewels of Akabar's court. Abul Fazal was assassinated while he was returning from the

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Fazl's 'Ain-E-Akbari', etc. give us valuable information regarding contemporary administration, and history in addition to geographical and numerical particulars. W.W. Hunter who is the editor of “Gazetteer

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International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Research ...

century and the writings of Ain-e-Akbari (written by Abul Fazl during the administration of the Mughal Emperor Akbar's empire in India) in 1590 AD [18]. Al-Biruni's work on India contains an account of Hindu numerals [19]. He compared ...

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Introduction to Lac and Lac Culture - Welcome to Birsa ...

The Ain-i-Akbari of 16 th Century records the use of pigmented lac varnishes for painting screens. The use of lac was known to ancient Greek and Romans also. Increasing demand of lac products after World War-II has received attention in the present century.

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of Part B - Main Examination of Civil Services Exam

Abul Fazl Ain-e-Akbari: (i) Ain-Khazina-i-Abadi (ii) Ain-e-Shabistan-e-Iqbal (iii) Ain-e-Manzil Dar Yurisha (iv) Ain-e-Cheragh Afrozi 7. Sadiq-i-Hedayat: (i) Dash Akul (ii) Girdab 8. Mohd. Hijazi : (i) Khudkushi Dream Dare Win

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02-Relevance and ramifications of Census

... the Ain-e-Akbari of the Mugal King Akbar etc. However the first systematic Census in India was conducted during the British Raj in 1872. Since then it has been systematically conducted in the country every decade.

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L.H. Qureshi, who relied upon Ain-e-Akbari. The Court, therefore, would not interpret its own meaning to the word “Mahsul”. It is f or the experts to find the correct answer and to delve on the issue.

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Antiquity of Puri - Odisha

mention in the Ain-e-Akbari and other Muslim chronicle. To the pilgrims however it was better known as Jagannath Dham . To the European travellers and administrators it was known as Juggernaut. Sir Thomas Row for the first time

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Ain-e-Akbari” was translated by: Ans. Blochmann. xix. “Memories of Jehangir” was translated by: Ans. Beveridge. xx. Sultan Qaiqabad was the grandson of: Ans. Balban. INDO-PAK HISTORY PAPER-II (2003) (Solved Objectives/Mcq’s) i.

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Holy Angels of High Heavens - Mehdavia Times

Mahdavis in Ain-e-Akbari, Tareekh-e-Farishta, Darbar-e-Akbari, Mirat-e-Sikandari and Mirat-e-Ahmadi. But some of them have failed to write facts because they were afraid of the contemporary ulama and the reigning rulers, because they were prejudiced and hostile to

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di Taher Sabahi - Tappeti orientali, tessili e d'autore ...

a Ain-E-Akbari dai centri di produzione dell’epoca Mogol. Excellent piece with an unusual design full of flowers. Very refined carpet made in Ain-J-Akbari at the manufacturing centers from the Mogul era. Agra XIX secolo - cm 455 x 357 36 37 ...

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Final PPT 2011 - Education for all in India

Ain-e-Akbari: 1st systematic census conducted all over India (non synchronous): First Synchronous Census conducted all over India: First Census of Independent India: 2011 Census: 800-600 BC 321-296 BC 1595-96 1865-1872 1881 1951 the 15th since 1872, 7th

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History of Cartography and Exploration: From Pre-History to ...

AineAkbari is a Mughal document detailing early cartographic tradtions ...

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Taj Mahal - It is time to tell the truth. - Marvin H. Mills ...

Akbar-nama, Ain-e-Akbari and Tazuk - i - Jehangiri, but NOT Badshahnama. Judging from above events it is obvious why Mr Nevill played the mischief when compiling Agra District Gazetteer in 1905. It is astonishing that though Maulavi Ahmad (History of Taj 1905) and Sir Jadunath

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According to 'Ain-E-Akbari’, Saran was one of the six Sarkars/ revenue divisions, constituting the province of Bihar.

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حص ترضح ہلبق - Noor Ul Islam Mosque , Bury

mentioned by Abu al-Fadl in his book A’ain-e Akbari (p.922-1003). The Family’s Contributions and Achievements “Some members of this family held prominent posts under the Pathan Sultans of Delhi and the Mughal Emperors. In ...

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HISTORY - MJP Rohilkhand University

Abdul Fazal — Ain-e-Akbari Abdul Fazal — Akbar Nama. Eliot & Dowson — History of India, Vol. V & VI. R.P. Tripathi — Some Aspects of Muslim Administration Cambridge History of India Volume IV. Ray — Chaudhary - Dine-e-EIIahi.

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16- R--Rahman Final by sameer - Indian Science

quotes are Serate Feroze Shahi, Tuzul-I-Jehangiri, Ain-e-Akbari, Al-Danhatul-Maiyyadahfi-Hadiquatis-Sural Wa Maddah Referring to the interaction between the Arab, Persian and Sanskrit scholars, Rahman writes that ...

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Abul Fazal who chronicled the times of Emperor Akbar in his book AineAkbari details the use of attar, incense and the use of rose attar for bathing. Essential Oils, flower absolutes, oleoresins, are basic raw materials for Flavour and Fragrance creation,%20Use%20and%20Demand.pdf

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mag-June - Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company

Pakistan annually produces about 13.0 million tons of fruits and famous book Ain-e-Akbari by Moghul Emperor Akbar the great; vegetables. Production of kinnow is over 2 million tons. The after this the fruit was popularly called Shahi Sangtra or king orange.

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PERSONALITIES - Brilliance College

ABUL FAZAL (1561-1602) Persian scholar patronised by Akbar , wrote Akbar Nama and Ain-e-Akbari. ... E = MC2 is his famous formula.Awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for discovering the law of photo electric effect.

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Draft - Dr. Shaheen Neshat Memorial Trust

Ain-e-Akbari records Saran as one of the six Sarkars (Revenue Divisions) constituting the province of Bihar. At the time of grant of Diwani to the East India company in 1765, there were eight Sarkars including Saran and Champaran.

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Special Report Ancient India™s Fragrances and its Relevance ...

method mentioned in ‚Ain-e-Akbari™, a chronicle by Abul Fazal 1590 AD to make ‚Chuwah™ a very popular fragrance used by Emperor Akbar and his courtiers. Small pieces of lignum aloes are taken in a narrow vessel, luted with clay cotton and rice bran.'s%20fragrances%20and%20its%20relevance%20today.pdf

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M.A. Music P & F - University of Kota

AinEAkbari : Abul Fazal (Translnted by Girelwin) 12. Ancient Art and Ritual : C. Harrison 13. Composers of Karnatak Music : Prof. Sambmurthy 14. Music in Ancient Literature: Dr. G. Raghvan . 15. Natya shastra : Bharat 16. Brihaddeshe : Matang

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M.A. Music P & F - University of Kota

AinEAkbari : Abul Fazal (Translnted by Girelwin) 12. Ancient Art and Ritual : C. Harrison 13. Composers of Karnatak Music : Prof. Sambmurthy ... e. Hanskinkini, Patdeep, Madhuvanti, Kirvani, Bhrwa, Sindura. f. Gujari Todi, Bilaskhani-Todi, Bhupal Todi, Saragavarali, Multani.

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During the Mughal period AIN-E-AKBARI that contains statistical data of land distribution, tax collection etc. was compiled during the rein of Akbar. The primary purpose for which the figures were collected was the administration of the state and it is for this ...

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Article Determinants of Population Growth in Rajasthan

During the reign of Akbar, Abul Fazal compiled the Ain-E-Akbari containing comprehensive data on population, industry, wealth and characteristics of population. During the British period, system of decennial census started with the first census in 1872.

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in "Ain-e-Akbari" written by Abul Fazal_ With time the name changed to Barrackpore. Two rebellions against British authority took place in Barrackpore in the 19" century; the first of this came in 1824 under leadership of Sepoy Binda Tiwary. In

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Allami's Ain-e-Akbari about scented grain. Thus, it is quite evident that basmati rice perhaps from its very occurrence has been recipe entertainer of the Royal Society. Now, it is still considered "dream of the masses" and "charm of the classes".

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History of Jute (जूट - Waugh Family

In several historical documents ( Ain-e-Akbari by Abul Fazal in 1590) during the era of the great Mughal Emperor Akbar (1542 –1605) states that the poor villagers of India used to wear clothes made of jute. Simple handlooms and hand spinning wheels were used by the

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Semester Plan M.A. Previous and Final, Persian

Abul Fazl: Ain-e-Akbari i. Ain Khazina-i-Abadi ii. Ain-e-Shabistan-e-Iqbal. 5 Book Recommended: (a) Sukhan wa Sukhanwaran by Badiuz Zaman Farozanfar. (b) Tahawul-e-Shair-e-Farsi by Zainul Abedin Moatamin. (c) Firdausi dar Shahnameh by Habib Yaghmaee.

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Ain-e-Akbari 1595-96 First systematic census conducted all over India (non-synchronous) 1872 (1865-1872) First Synchronous Census conducted all over India 1881 Independent India 1951 Census of 2011 15th since 1872, 7th since Independence

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05-History of Census in India

During the regime of Mughal king Akbar the Great, the administrative report ‘Ain-e- Akbari’ included comprehensive data pertaining to population, industry, wealth and many other characteristics. In ancient Rome, too, census was conducted for purpose

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Preliminary Demography of 2011 Population Census in India

king Akbar, the administrative report 'Ain-e-Akbari' included comprehensive data pertaining to population, industry, wealth and many other characteristics. In the recent times, a systematic and modern population census, in its present form, was conducted non synchronously between 1865

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Puri - the Holy City of the World - Odisha

The Ain-E-Akbari a great work of Abul Fazal narrated Puri as the city of Purushottama. Puri is an important ancient town of Orissa. It always attracts number of pilgrims, devotees, visitors and scholars. Puri occupy a high position in the sky of religious work.

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AIN-E-AKBARI, a sixteenth century treatise on the Mughal administration, also lays emphasis on importance of census as a tool for decision-making. 6 Brief History of Census in India

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Ain-e-Akbari is most important document which throws great light on the manner in which statistics were collected during the moghul period. After the Moghul period British rule started Ryotwari System was introduced during 18th Century to collect land revenue.

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Brief Industrial Profile of Bhiwani District

Brief Industrial Profile of Bhiwani District . 1. General Characteristics of the District Bhiwani city is mentioned in . Ain-e-Akbari. It was founded by a Rajput King name was Neem

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Brief Industrial Profile of District - DC(MSME

as available in the ‘Ain-E-Akbari’ records Saran is one of . the six sarkars ( Revenue Divisions) constituting the . province of Bihar. It is one of the thirty eight district of . Bihar. SARAN(CHHAPRA)- DISTRICT INDUSTRIAL POTENTIAL SURVEY

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Position of Women in Ancient Assam: A study in a Historical ...

century C.E. In the Ain-i-Akbari, the name of this country was referred to as „Asham‟ [4]. The Padshahnamah ... C.E., as systematic recording of facts of history had started only by the Ahoms. As such, making a study on

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Socio-Cultural and Economic History of Medieval India

Ain-l-Akbari consists of five books each dealing with one particular aspect. The various aspects dealt with this book include an account of Akbar's household and court; 9 the military and civil services and description of their ranks; the rules and regulations of

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