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II 2011 11UBO230204 PTERIDOPHYTES, GYMNOSPERMS AND PALEOBOTANY SECTION ... Palaeobotany is a branch of botany which deals with a) living plants b) Fossil plants c) Flowering plants d) all of ... Write a short note on reproduction in rhynia. SECTION – C. Answer any FOUR questions ...,%20GYMNOSPERMS%20AND%20PALEOBOTANY.doc

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Chapter 17

The genera Rhynia, ... Pteridophytes, lycophytes and progymnosperms are more complex groups that were dominant from the Late Devonian through the Carboniferous, ... No fossil has been found with wood more than about 10 cm thick. HETEROSPORY.

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MASTER OF SCIENCE (BOTANY) - Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal ...

Course III Pteridophytes, ... (Rhynia, Horneophyton, Psilophyton) and Psilotales (Psilotum, ... General account of fossil Pteridophytes. GYMNOSPERMS. Classification and distribution of Gymnosperms with special reference to India. Study of their morphology, ...

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SUBJECT CODE: - Jamal Mohamed College

Unit-5: A brief study of the following fossil forms Rhynia, Lepidodendron, Lepidocarpon, Calamites and Williamsonia. Books for Study: Pteridophytes . ... Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, Paleobotany, Biostatistics and . Computer applications in Botany.

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Rhynia, Asteroxylon. Class 2: Psilotopsida - includes most primitive living vascular cryptogams. Order: Psilotales eg. Psilotum. Class 3 ... This class includes both living and fossil pteridophytes. The living members are commonly called horsetails. This class has 4 orders viz. Hyeniales ...

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Fossils of Pteridophytes: Rhynia ((MH 473/JRM 271-272). Lepidodendron (MH 485-487/JRM 272-273/GK 954-55) and Lepidostrobus (MH 487-488/GK 956). The false seed: Lepidocarpon (MH 491/GK 957).

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Pteridophytes resemble the seed ... All members (living and fossil) of division pteridophyta have eusporangiate sporangia (except pteropsida). ... of the stem are similar to those of Rhynia , the basal corm lacks any evidence of vasculaxization .

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Paper I: Microbial Diversity, Cryptogams and Gymnosperms

Pteridophytes: General characters, classification, ... (5 h) Structure, reproduction, life history and systematic position of Rhynia, Lycopodium, Equisetum and Marsilea. ... G- Fossil – Photograph/slide (Diagrams not necessary)

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Study of morphological details of fossil pteridophytes with particular reference to Rhynia, Trimerophyton and Zosterophyton. Study of morphology, anatomy, reproduction and life cycle pattern in Psilotum. Section-B. Diagnostic characters of Lycopsida.

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SEM - Jamal Mohamed College

Unit 1: Pteridophytes – History – origin of pteridophytes – general characters – classification (Sporne, 1970) ... Radiocarbon dating. A brief study of the following fossil forms Rhynia, Lepidodendron, Lepidocarpon, Calamites and Williamsonia.

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Fossil records, biochemical and ... the Rhynia-type plants of the earliest Devonian period evolved very rapidly and radiated (see: ( radiation of biological species: has nothing to do with radioactivity!) ... pteridophytes were the first vascular plants ...

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Appendix 1

In X. Li, ed. Fossil ... Edwards, D., and U. Fanning. 1985. Evolution and environment in the late Silurian-early Devonian: the rise of the pteridophytes ... On Old Red Sandstone plants showing structure, from the Rhynie Chert Bed, Aberdeenshire, Part II. Additional note on Rhynia ...

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alagappa university syllabus for M.Sc - Botany

Stelar evolution in pteridophytes, Heterospory and origin of seed habit. Structure, development and evolution of sorus in Filicales. Phyletic slide ... Study of morphology and anatomy of the vegetative and reproductive structure in the following fossil forms: Rhynia, Lepidodendron ...,%20Botany%20(2011-12).doc

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Mahatma Gandhi University - M.G University Kerala

-Pteridophytes . General characteristics. Diversity in morphology. Concept of vasculature ... Fossil Pteridophyte : Rhynia . Fossil Gymnosperm: Williamsonia. Fossil Angiosperm : Palmoxylon. Indian contribution to Palaeobotany 1 hour. Reference.

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Fossil bryophytes, physiology and morphogenesis. SUGGESTED READINGS: Cavers, F. 1979. The Interrelationships of the Bryophytes Reprint. ... General topics: Origin and evolution of Pteridophytes, Heterospory and seed habit. GYMNOSPERMS.

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Structure and reproduction of the following fossil types. Rhynia, Lepidodendron and Sphenophyllum. UNIT - IV General characters of Gymnosperms - classification of gymnosperms according to K.R. Sporne. Structure ... PTERIDOPHYTES, GYMNOSPERMS AND PALAEOBOTANY -Lab Course ...

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alagappa university syllabus for B.Sc. - Botany

General characters and classification of the Pteridophytes according to K.R. Sporne, stelar evolution in Pteridophytes, ... A brief study of the following fossil types: Pteridophyte fossils – Rhynia, Lepidodendron, Lepidocarpon and Lyginopteries. Gymnosperm fossils: Pentoxylon and Williamsonia.,%20Botany%20(2011-12).doc

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Rhynia – rekonstrukce vzhledu rostliny. ... 6.3.2009. ...

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